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Hydraulic service consultants

Based in Newcastle, with NSW-wide service

Established in 2000 with over 21 years of experience

Over 4500 completed
projects and counting

McCallum PFCA

Hydraulic Services Consultants

By specialising, we provide the highest quality hydraulic services design, documentation and construction supervision services across a wide range of projects throughout New South Wales.

Our Director, Robert McCallum, founded McCallum PFCA in 2000 after gaining 10 years of industry experience.

Our team of Hydraulic Services Consultants focuses on detail, quality and communication. McCallum PFCA has continued to grow and succeed for over 20 years.

Tailored to you

What makes us different

At McCallum PFCA we understand how hard you have worked to get your project off the ground, and we respect the effort you have put in to ensure that the end result will be a project that you can promote and reflect on with pride.

Despite the fact that the hydraulic services we design are often hidden within the fabric of the building, we take pride in our ability to create designs tailored to individual project requirements. This ensures that your vision is backed up by high level design documentation.

Come and work with us

We’re here to discuss all of your hydraulic needs

First-class experience

What we provide

We provide a first-class experience that has many clients returning for multiple projects and developments. Many of our clients liaise with multiple consultants across various engineering disciplines.

Therefore, their continued preference to work with us over many different projects speaks volumes about the quality of our work. By utilising our skills for different types of developments we have proven that we can adapt to varying situations and produce high quality service designs.

Our commitment to you

Communication is Key

We consider communication to be an integral part of any design. After all, how can we create a cost efficient and compliant design tuned to your needs if we don’t take the time to discuss those needs with you? We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate effectively with our clients, and this extends to being easily approachable and contactable. We never ignore attempts to communicate and make sure that we respond to any requests as quickly as we can. Our commitment to this is reflected by our continued success over both large and complex projects. These projects require open and frequent communication between the entire project delivery team. Our friendly and personable team ensure this is maintained during the crucial coordination stages.

Many previous clients can confirm this as the reason they continually return to us for their most complex projects.

We have completed projects throughout NSW and welcome the opportunity to work with clients from all over the state. Our knowledge of NSW codes and Australian Standards gives us the ability to create services designs with a depth of information that makes construction a conflict-free process. We love to connect with Architects, Project Managers, Building Contractors, property and business owners, first time developers, and other persons requiring high quality hydraulic services designs.